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The Warm Consultancy is a key centre of expertise in Passivhaus and low energy building physics. They certify our Passivhaus projects. Visit their website here.

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Read some recent articles from the Warm website blog below.

Trinity Court

Published 25-07-2014

WARM are undertaking substantial post-occupancy monitor […]

Trinity Court published 25-07-2014

Oakfield Road

Published 25-07-2014

We worked alongside Climate Energy Homes (as previously […]

Oakfield Road published 25-07-2014

Kingspan Showhome

Published 25-07-2014

Kingspan Potton wanted to build an exemplar house to th […]

Kingspan Showhome published 25-07-2014

Maitland Park

Published 25-07-2014

We provided some initial pre-planning advice on how thi […]

Maitland Park published 25-07-2014

St. Andrew’s Road

Published 23-07-2014

This was a very exciting project for us. Following on f […]

St. Andrew’s Road published 23-07-2014

Robin Hood Cottage

Published 23-07-2014

This detached dwelling, designed for a very informed cl […]

Robin Hood Cottage published 23-07-2014

Goldsmith Street

Published 23-07-2014

We have provided pre-planning advice on this large deve […]

Goldsmith Street published 23-07-2014

Hampshire Children’s Homes

Published 23-07-2014

The aim of the project was to design one building that […]

Hampshire Children’s Homes published 23-07-2014

Meditation Centre

Published 23-07-2014

We undertook the mechanical ventilation design for the […]

Meditation Centre published 23-07-2014

New Ventilation Design and Commissioning Sheet for Download

Published 21-07-2014

We’ve just added a new resource to our downloads page! […]

New Ventilation Design and Commissioning Sheet for Download published 21-07-2014




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