Why Passivhaus Certification

Passivhaus Certification is an independent quality control process that gives you assurance that your home will genuinely perform as claimed. Passivhaus Certification of your home is voluntary but will give you peace of mind and will, we believe, add value to your home in the future.

Certification is a process that runs throughout the design and construction phases. It is always undertaken by an external, Passivhaus Institut accredited Certifier. Our buildings are certified by the UK's most experienced Passivhaus Certifiers: Warm Low Energy Building Practice.

There are some claiming to build using Passivhaus principles, we always use Passivhaus methodology to ensure that the building will perform as designed. Because of this, we welcome and encourage our clients to opt for Passivhaus Certification.

Certification applies to completed whole buildings. Components, such as windows and heat recovery ventilation (MVHR) units used within a building and people in the team that design a Passivhaus are also certified.

It is not necessary that all components used within the build are certified, doing so ensures that they will perform as claimed by the manufacturer. However, for heat recovery ventilation units (MVHR) units, we recommend that only certified models are used, as the performance of the MVHR is critical to the performance of the whole building.

Likewise, it is essential that the people doing the design and energy modelling have demonstrated their competence. The best way to do this currently is through the Certified Passivhaus Designer qualification.


Certified PH plaque
Example PHI MVHR certificate
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